Food Scraps 20 Gallon Cart Lid
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Program Overview
  • There are two versions of the pilot program offered concurrently.
    • Blue Pilot Area: Residents receive a 20-gallon cart for food scraps. Click here to view a copy of the Blue Pilot  announcement postcard and cart hanger that were distributed to residents in this area.
    • Green Pilot Area:  Residents receive a 64-gallon “split” cart with one section for food scraps and another for garbage. Residents who subscribe to more than 32 gallons of garbage service are provided with two split carts. Old garbage carts are taken away. Click here to view a copy of the Green Pilot announcement postcard and cart hanger that were  distributed to residents in this area.
Program Positives
  • Collection days remain unchanged.
  • There are no fees associated with participation.
  • Pilot participants enjoy increase in total capacity for their waste.
  • Food scraps collected through the pilot program will be processed into an ingredient for animal feed. Click here for more information.
  • Pilot participation will actively save resources, reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and promote sustainability.
The Kitchen Pail
  • Pilot participants receive a special pail for collecting food scraps in the kitchen. The pail can be used as intended, repurposed, or recycled. Click here for information about the Sure-Close Kitchen Pail.
  • If preferred, pilot participants are welcome to use another type of container for food scrap collection in the kitchen.
  • Food scraps can be placed directly into the pail (or other container) and then into then into the food scraps cart. If desired, any type of plastic bag may be used to contain the scraps. Compostable or repurposed plastic bags are preferred.
  • Kitchen pails cannot be serviced at the curb. Pilot participants must empty pail contents into their food scraps cart.
Collection Carts
  • The lid of each cart is labeled to indicate what belongs inside. It is important to follow the instructions.
  • Residents deciding to opt out of the pilot can do so by not using their food scraps cart or the food scraps section of their split cart. The contact form below can be used to request removal or exchange of pilot cart.
  • A team of outreach specialist will periodically review the food scraps set out for collection. During the course of the pilot, participants may find a tag attached to their new cart with our team’s feedback.

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